boring? Can we overdo the brain with Jigsaw Puzzle ?

(1) What is a jigsaw puzzle?

An offline puzzle game, not just a “puzzle”, is a synonym for the puzzle game that boasts the history and tradition that comes first and is the absolute best seller of this field. In 1760 the British cartographer John Spillsbury invented it. The jigsaw of the name is named for the saw used for the curling, in the making of various shapes by sculpting the plate.

(2) Types of puzzles and difficulty

It is a puzzle that is made by fitting several pieces of puzzles drawn in the picture to the grooved grooves.

The more fragments, the higher the difficulty and the longer it takes. It’s easy to imagine that 1000 pieces are twice as fast as 500 pieces, but they are not. For example, if you have 490 pieces in place, 500 pieces of puzzle will have only 10 remaining pieces, but 1000 pieces of puzzle still have 510 pieces. In other words, the effort to find the right piece is more than two times, so the actual time difference is more than four times.

There are puzzles in which the number of pieces exceeds 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000 pieces, and goes over 10000 pieces. Among the puzzles currently on sale, the biggest one is 40320 pieces. Ravensburger says that you have to work in multiple parts with Disney puzzles.

And the complex picture may seem difficult, but the opposite is true. If the picture is simple, it is difficult to get a hint from the picture when you are looking for a matching piece, because you can only get clues through the shape of the groove. Especially if there is too much color of one kind in the finished picture, it is for advanced users. On the other hand, if the picture is a bit complicated and several colors are used, it becomes easier to see the picture and get the hint. Of course, it is difficult to be too complicated. For example, look for Wally Puzzle is the highest level of difficulty to say that a person who has done a lot of jigsaw puzzles almost gave up.

There are puzzles that are not painted at all, but are called white puzzles. The difficulty of this puzzle is very difficult.

Without any clue, we have to adjust only with the puzzle seams, so we are going to really fit it and throw away humanity. Every piece has a different shape to make the difficulty worse.

(3) Attack method

The commonly used strategy is to finish all the frames, then fit the unusual picture first and finish the rest. I use this method a lot because it is easy to recognize because one or both sides are straight lines. Be careful because there are evil puzzles that are sometimes straight lines but not border pieces. Completion depends on the individual, but usually takes about 3 to 4 hours for 500 pieces.

There is one honey tip here, and in the case of 1000 pieces unit, most of them give a puzzle drawing. At this time, it is easy to put the acrylic on the picture and put the puzzle on it.

(4) Notes

If you want to inquire about the lack of puzzle pieces, you need to create a piece position that is not on the A / S card with ‘oo line oo’ and draw the empty puzzle shape on the A / S card. At this point, let’s put together all the puzzles that can be matched.

As a tip, you can use all the puzzles in the puzzle and fix it by putting on the fluid. Once you have applied the lotion, it is almost unintended that you can put a piece of paper underneath it and get the shape of a puzzle.

After all the puzzles are aligned, they are glued together using a puzzle fluid and placed in a frame to make them quite ornamental. In particular, it is better to have a darker overall color of the finished picture. If there is a lot of light color, the border between the pieces of the puzzle looks prominent, so the picture style does not match.

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