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왜 BTS에 빠져버리는가 ?

해적 포터 (Harry Potter) 서적을 열어 본 사람이라면 누구나 팬덤 (fandoms)은 유망한 힘이라는 것을 알고 있으며 일부 사람들은 팬비 / 팬걸 (fanline / fangirl : 경계선을 향한 경향) 강박 관념과 헌신이 가장 독실한 사람들의...


BTS – May 18 ‘Comeback Friday’

Group BTS confirmed its comeback on May 18th. Most of the idol group’s announcement of the resumption of full-fledged activities, notifying the comeback on Friday, rather than the comeback on the month and Thursday...


IT technology ‘red queen’ camera technology

 High-performance camera required as an innovation means in endless competition – Infinite expansion There is a well-known rule of analogy that characterizes the information technology (IT) industry. It is the ‘Red Queen’ effect. The...