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Knee Pain Management by Sports Kinesiology Tape

The major discomfort of patients with knee arthritis is pain. Severe pain is painful in itself, but neglected and neglected joints can also be injured. Learn how to effectively manage knee pain. I asked...

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The return of the queen … ‘YUNA-KIM’

“The figure world champion, ‘Queen’, is back.After the introduction of the moderator, more than 35,000 people gathered from all over the world shouted at once. YUNA-KIM (28) made a torchbearer at the opening ceremony...

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BTS, Billboard … 90th to 67th

The six-month-old BTS album is on the US Billboard charts. According to the latest chart released by Billboard on June 6, BTS announced in September last year that LOVE YOURSELF-HER is the 67th place...